2015 Uppababy Strollers

When caring for children, their protection is naturally the top priority. But comfort is another important factor also. If a child is too uncomfortable, tantrums and tears are likely to happen. This is most often the case when dealing with strollers. Yes, it’s hard to find an ideal stroller that combines protection AND comfort for not just its passenger, but its pusher too. Whether you’re a mom or dad, nanny, grandpa, aunt, fifth-cousin-twice removed, if you’re responsible for children often, a stroller with good value and all the bells and whistles can be necessary. Try looking at these strollers Magic Beans brings us if you’re growing tired of pushing a restless kid in a cheaply made, very breakable stroller.

2015 UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller


  • Our first option is the Uppababy 2015 Cruz model. A newer version of the popular Cruz stroller, this new and improved model has AIRGo, foam-filled tires that don’t go flat, with extra shock absorption for stepping down curbs and woodchip playground terrain. There is also a bumper bar for sticky hands to grab for added support. With a reversible seat, under-seat basket that can hold up to 25 pounds, and height-adjustable handlebars, the 2015 Cruz will help any little one cruise protected and comfy, making them happy and you in turn.


2015 UPPAbaby G-Lite Umbrella Stroller

  • The best bargain I’d bet any mom has seen so far for a great stroller, the Uppababy 2015 G-Lite Umbrella Stroller is offered for only 159.99. A more light-weight version of the well-known Uppababy Vista, this stroller is an ultralight 11 pounds, making it perfect for those always on the go. The G-Lite features a mesh sling seat to keep your child cool in the hot summer days. As an added bonus, there is even a cupholder and Stain Defend fabric. Along with the kick-proof rear frame (especially convenient for taller parents!) and hand-level triggers for folding, this stroller is perfect for any extended vacations.


2015 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Umbrella Stroller

  • For those looking for something protective and a little more stylish, the Uppababy 2015 G-Luxe Umbrella Stroller is a good choice. Rolling in with six different colors, the G-Luxe also has a large SPF 50+ umbrella canopy and a one-action brake. The stroller is a smaller 15 pounds for convenience, and has a nice recline feature for the tuckered-out tykes to sleep in on the go. Despite the smaller size, the G-Luxe has the toughness expected from the other Uppababy strollers.


2015 UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

  • The last option, but definitely not the least, is the famously fabulous Uppababy Vista stroller. This is a special Vista stroller though, as it’s the new 2015 model. Any parent looking for the perfect stroller need look no farther. You definitely get the bang for your buck. Along with the great features of the original Vista, the 2015 Vista has new features such as an aluminum and magnesium frame for impenetrable durability, and a new one-step fold, a loved feature from the Cruz stroller. Along with a bassinet and new seating selections, parents of multiple kiddos can double the seating. There is a ventilated mattress pad, base, and SPF 50+ canopy. The Vista is an incredible stroller that easily grows with a child, making baby and parent happy as can be.

Happy strolling!

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