Nursery Furniture Ideas – Modern Bookcases

Next Chapter Modern Bookcase (Grey/White) - Grey/White Next Chapter Bookcase

New Issue Modern Bookcase (White/Black Base) - White/Black Base New Issue Bookcase

 - Mint Metalwork Bookcase


Next Chapter Bookcase

New Issue Bookcase

Metalwork Bookcase


If you’re looking for some nursery bookcases ideas, take a look at the new pieces from The Land of Nod. The Next Chapter Bookcase might look small to you, but pay attention to its roomy compartments that will store all your babies balls, rattles, books and other small toys. Plus it won’t take up much space in the room so it’s perfect for small nurseries. The New Issue Bookcase is all you will need to display your baby’s favorite stories and it will make it easy for her to choose the story she wants. And the Metalwork Bookcase comes with different sized shelves that are perfect for books, toys, and even picture frames. We love the color too! Head to The Land of Nod and see what other colors these bookcases come in so you can choose the one that fits your nursery the most!

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