Now & Forever Convertible Cradle Package – chocolate mist




Many parents nowadays use bassinets or co-sleepers to keep their babies in their first months close by. Another great option for this practice is a cradle. I have to say that I haven’t seen a cradle better than Now & Forever Convertible Cradle Package – chocolate mist. This piece of furniture is truly multifunctional as this innovative product can be used as a crib, bassinet, doll bed, toy box, twin bed and more! With all sorts of different legs that come in the package, as well as all necessary tools, you will be able to convert this cradle into anything you want! And the mattress is also included. What a great deal! If you want to add a bottom drawer to this cradle, you can buy it separately, as well as the cradle rockers and twin bed conversion kit. Go to Dimples and Dandelions for more pictures and information.