Newport Cottages Cody Bookcase



Having a hard time finding space to put all your children’s favorite bed time tomes, Mama? I know I did; that’s when I learned about the versatile and stylish Cody Bookcases, by Newport Cottages. With its sleek, modern design, and adjustable shelves, this piece of furniture is perfect for those toddlers’ rooms where you need easy access to playtime toys and collectibles. Fabulous! Each Cody Bookcase is also outfitted with two pull-out drawers, which can double as a storage area for clothing, towels, toys, or for something more special – whatever you and your children’s heart desires! With over one-hundred different color and accent combinations, you’ll have no problem meeting your little boy or girl’s preferences. The best part is that these bookcases are a lifetime buy; even if your child grows out of them, that doesn’t mean you have to! The neutral design of the Cody Bookcase adds a chic and fashionable style to any part of the house, whether it be the family room… or your own. For more information on customizable options, please visit Layla Grayce today!