New Classic Dressers from The Land of Nod

nursery dresser


nursery dresser


nursery dresser


Radiant Dresser

Larkin 6-Drawer Dresser (Pink)

Primary 3-Drawer Dresser (Blue)


The new dressers form The Land of Nod are beauties indeed! The Radiant Dresser features a diamond pattern and is made of a mango wood. The Larkin 6-Drawer Dresser‘s looks might deceive you as it appears pretty simple, but the pink detailing around it and the pink knobs add this modern style to this piece of furniture. The colorful frame and knobs are also present on the Primary 3-Drawer Dresser (Blue) and they look just as good. Because these dressers are so new, they are not going to be sold until early August, but you can pre-order one now and wait patiently for its arrival. For more information, visit Land of Nod.

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