Must Have Baby Products for Nursery – Bassinets

Springwood Baby Bassinet - Springwood Bassinet & Pad


Springwood Bassinet


Norse Baby Bassinet - Norse Bassinet & Pad


Norse Bassinet


Olin Baby Bassinet - Olin Bassinet & Pad


Olin Bassinet


Victoria Baby Bassinet - Victoria Bassinet  & Pad


Victoria Bassinet


When a new mom asks me what nursery products are the must have baby essentials, I always mention bassinets. I don’t know how we would survive without one. It’s an amazing alternative to the crib, as you can place it in different rooms so the baby is always close by. I came across the new collection of bassinets from The Land of Nod and I immediately decided to show you these great finds. There is something different for all tastes, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are all made of wood. The Springwood Bassinet is hand made from bamboo and it would be a wonderful addition to any modern type nursery. Norse Bassinet, with its sleek, oval shape, speaks of modernism and I love that it has a little tray underneath. The Olin Bassinet, as well as the Victoria one are more on the traditional side. If you’re looking for a bassinet you can rock, then the Olin one should be your choice. If you love vintage pieces, then by all means go with the Victoria Bassinet. You will not regret getting any of these. As I mentioned above, they are one of the must have baby products since you will constantly find yourself using one of these.

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