Modern Nursery Furniture – Bunk Bed

 - Abridged Bunk Bed

 - Abridged Loft Bed


Bunk beds are fabulous options for kids who share a room. The Abridged Bunk Bed from The Land of Nod has been recently added to their bunk bed collection and you will absolutely love it. The idea of a built in staircase is such a breath of fresh air in comparison to the older bunk beds which feature a separate ladder as an attachment. It makes it even more compact and it just looks so incredibly modern. I also love the fact that because of its simplicity, it can be easily used either for boys or girls. And another wonderful fact about this bunk bed is that it can be turned into a loft bed. So even if you have only one child, you can purchase it as a space saver, as you can store many things underneath it. For more information, visit The Land of Nod.

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