Loungers and Bean Bags for your Tot

Bean Bag Lounger (Pink) - Pink Bean Bag Lounger


Bean Bag Lounger (Pink)

 - Dotted Pouf


Dotted Pouf

Shaggy Pouf (White) - White Shaggy Pouf Seat


Shaggy Pouf

 - Personalized Fox Furry Animal Nod Chair </p> <p>(Includes Cover and Insert)

Furry Animal Nod Chair (Fox)


bean bag

30″ Cool Beans! Bean Bag 


Your tot will love these new amazing bean bags from The Land of Nod. The Bean Bag Lounger (Pink) features a unique shape that resembles a chair that will let your little one rest its head while relaxing. Also in pink, the Dotted Pouf that can serve as your kid’s personal ottoman. We also couldn’t omit the Shaggy Pouf that will be loved just for its fun and soft texture. If your tot prefers a chair, the Furry Animal Nod Chair (Fox) will be the perfect fit, while the 30″ Cool Beans! Bean Bag  is a great piece of furniture to add some personal touches (name of your child) to. Check all these and more bean bags and loungers at The Land of Nod.

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