Baby Room Furniture – Open Arms Swivel Lounge

 - Turquoise Open Arms Swivel Lounge



Find that perfect piece of comfort with the Open Arms Swivel Lounge from The Land of Nod. Available in a sophisticated color palette of muted turquoise, cream and gray this upscale beanbag chair will settle itself in perfectly to any boy’s or girl’s room. Moms will feel relaxed when they sink into the comfy seat and back of these bean-filled beauties, and it will be your child’s favorite chair for story time and snuggles. The hardwood frame and cushion support provide more structure than the traditional beanbag chair, ensuring long-term use. The swivel base will certainly add to the cool factor of this funky chair when your child enters his or her teenage years. No worries here about having to find another home for this chair when your baby grows! All ages can enjoy the childhood inspired beanbag fill of these contemporary-looking and cozy chairs. Visit The Land of Nod to learn more!