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Monte Cubino Chair


Kids Armchair: Panda - Personalized Black Panda Nod Chair</p> <p>(Includes Cover and Insert) <br /><span style=color:#FF0000>Free embroidered personalization


Apple Pouf - Red Knit Apple Pouf



Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 6.31.37 PM



Tots need some time to kick back and relax like us adults. For that we should provide them with a cozy yet fun lounger or chair so they can sit down and read a book or watch cartoons for instance. These fun and very attractive options are exactly what kids want in a lounger. Look at the luxurious-looking Cubino Chair by Monte. It looks extremely comfortable and the design will look very nice in any room in the house. Newport Lounger is a beanbag that looks like a chair. How fantastic is that! Panda Armchair is a charming addition to any nursery or playroom and it can be personalized with your child’s name. Apple Pouf speaks for itself. It’s unique, soft and beautiful. We can’t decide which one is our favorite. Can you?

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