Natural Nursing Necklaces

nursing necklace


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This beautiful store we just discovered on Etsy is our latest amazing find. Kangaroo Care features crocheted nursing necklaces that are so beautifully made that you can even wear them on a daily basis, Mama! The best part about them, they are all natural. They are safe for your baby to chew on and you can be assured they are not swallowing some chemical ingredients or toxins. The beads are made in Estonia from locally grown wood. They smell earthy and fresh. It’s a great gadget every breastfeeding mom should have, as this colorful nursing necklace will definitely help to catch your baby’s eyes while nursing. Besides that, your baby can use it as a toy to explore colors, texture and sizes. And for you, Mama, it’s a perfect accessory to wear. Hopefully you won’t fight with your baby over it!