Must Have For New Moms – New Baby Arrival Collection

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Let your motherly instincts to protect your little one run wild with this new baby arrival collection by The Honest Co. This delightful collection features non-toxic nursery essentials to keep your little guy or gal safe. The assortment of products include customizable diapers that are free of dangerous chemicals and dicey fragrances. The eco-friendly diapers offer a moisture barrier to help combat those pesky leaks that can arise at any given moment. Baby wipes also accompany the set with a soft medical grade cloth and offer a blend of antioxidants to soothe your baby’s bottom. Healing balm is an exceptional addition, the certified USDA organic formula delivers protection for your baby’s skin and alleviates diaper rash. Let’s not forget about bath time! Shampoo and body wash are provided and boast natural ingredients while supplying a perfect pH balance to get your child clean without stripping away natural oils. If all that isn’t enough than how about hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry out your skin and battles bacteria and germs. Get peace of mind today with the new baby arrival collection and feel secure that your little one is protected by non- toxic products.