Diaper bags

The Monterey Diaper Bag Medium – In Amy Butler Morning Glory and Full Moon Dot with Adjustable Strap and Elastic Pockets

Monterey Diaper Bag Set – Optic Blossom and Martini or Custom Design Your Own – Large 9 Pockets

Monterey Bag Ultimate Diaper Bag Set – Large – In Neutral and Grey Chevron – Adjustable Strap and Elastic Pockets


A diaper bag is a must on every mom’s list when it comes to shopping for a new baby. It is an item, that you will take with you for every outing with your newborn. Although, it is called a diaper bag, you will not only carry diapers in it and other baby essentials, but, I think moms you will agree with me here, that oftentimes a diaper bag also serves simply as your purse or mommy bag if you like. Because of that, when you look for a diaper bag, you want to make sure it is nice and stylish at the same time. I found beautiful diaper bags, that will serve this purpose and more, at BagEnvy.  They are big enough to carry all your baby’s gadgets as well as your belongings. And the best thing about them, is that you can choose the fabric you want and design the bag yourself. Here are just examples of some of the diaper bags. For more styles, fabric options and other information, check out the shop or the links above.