STUCK Suction Bowl Feeding Kit by ZoLi

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Feeding time can be a nightmare. Food on the floor, bowl on your child’s head – it’s a situation we’ve all been in. Well now it’s a situation you’ll never have to live again, with the help of STUCK Suction Bowl Feeding Kit by ZoLi. A strong suction base on the bottom of the bowl makes it so the last thing you will have to worry about, is a mess! But this is no ordinary suction-base bowl, no Ma’am! First of all, it’s deeper than most, making it harder for spillage. A three compartment tray allows for storage and separation of up to three types of food, with enough room underneath to store more for later. An accompanying lid snaps in easily and allows for easy portability, making for fantastic on-the-go meals while visiting the zoo or even for those days at the park. With the help of STUCK’s ergonomically designed fork and spoon, your child will be learning to self-feed in a matter of minutes. Visit ecomom today to pick out your child’s new favorite dining kit, now available in a variety of colors.