Mod Toddler Fork and Spoon

Kids Tableware: Kids Boon Mod Toddler Fork and Spoon - Modware Toddler Utensils (Set of 3)


When your baby starts to eat solids, it’s always difficult to find utensils that are safe and easy to use for your little one. This set of 3 Mod Toddler Fork and Spoon won’t disappoint you! Its soft and easy to grip handles are perfect for those little hands that are just learning how to feed themselves. The spoons and forks in this set don’t have sharp edges, so that’s a big plus on a safety side. Besides that, the nice design and plethora of colors will certainly entice your baby to eat, so it’s a great set to get for those who don’t enjoy mealtime as much as others. Go and Shop at The Land of Nod for this cute set.