Feeding a Baby – Happy Mat

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I love when they come out with things like that. How many times do you worry that your little one will knock their plate off the table or high chair? With this Happy Mat it won’t be possible. This built in plate + placemat can be suctioned to any table and you know it’s going to keep everything in place. Not only will it prevent against knock off accidents, but the placemat is great for your child to keep utensils on. Overall, it will keep your baby’s eating section a little bit cleaner, and who doesn’t love that! I also love how the plate has three dividers that are perfectly portioned for toddler servings. How smart is that? Now you never have to wonder how much your child should eat. And the design of a smiley face will make any picky eater enjoy their food that much more! Yay! This amazing Happy Mat comes in four adorable colors.  I actually wouldn’t even know which one to get! Love them all!

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