comotomo 5oz. silicone bottle

Comotomo 5oz. Silicone Bottle

Newborns need to eat, and eat often. For parents who do not exclusively breastfeed their little ones, choosing which type of bottle to purchase can be a time-consuming, and frustrating experience. Frustrating because it’s not you, but rather your little one that will decide which bottle is preferable. While some may take to the first bottle offered, others go through multiple bottles before settling on the one they like best. All newborns are born with the ability to suckle and latch, so when choosing, keep that in mind. From the soft, skin-like design of the bottle, to the size of the actual nipple, this comotomo 5oz. silicone bottle was created to mimic the breastfeeding process as closely as possible. The wide mound, and naturally shaped nipple help to further prevent confusion for your little one. The outer material is made from medical grade hygienic silicone (safest around!), while the bottle also contains two anti-colic vents that prevent unnecessary air intake. And clean up is a breeze! They can be cleaned by hand due to the wide neck of the bottle, can be boiled, or can be placed in the dishwasher due to the heat-resistant nature of silicone. Now which mom wouldn’t like that! For more information, and sizes offered, please visit Magic Beans.