Bib + Burpcloth Set Pink/Vanilla


Diapers and clothes are probably the two most common items to receive during a baby shower. While it’s certainly nice to have six boxes of diapers, or five packs of onesies, there are other things that can be just as practical. If you are looking to give (or even receive) a perfect baby shower gift, then look no further than this Bib + Burpcloth Set Pink/Vanilla. All babies spit up, and they do so quite often. These burp cloths are sure to go a long way in keeping parents dry. They are stylish, functional, organic, and best yet, reversible! As your little one gets older and starts trying foods, the bib portion of this set will come in handy. Just like the burp cloths, they are also reversible, and contain velcro for easy closure. For more information and colors, please visit Kee-Ka.