Trendy Peas Fabric Decals

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One of the most fun things to do while awaiting the arrival of your little one is to design and decorate the nursery. Trendy Peas gives expectant parents an adorable and fun way to add a little customized design to your baby’s nursery with their selection of fabric decals. These non-toxic, eco-friendly decals are reuseable and can be applied to walls, windows, or any flat surface. Trendy Peas gives you the freedom to customize the designs to match any color scheme. Their Forest Friends design features an adorable bunny, furry fox, and stately deer, all of which can be independently customized with coordinating colors. Your little boy will love the Modern Train design, which features three different customize-able components. For a delicious and adorable addition to your nursery or playroom, the Apple Tree design allows you to choose the color of the trunk, apples, and leaves to match your room’s decor. The geometric designs of the Popsicle Tree design brings a little of the outdoors in, and gives you the freedom to customize the color of the tree trunk, tree tops, and birds with accent colors. All of these fabric decal designs make an adorable and affordable way to add a bit of whimsy and a pop of color to nursery walls. Visit Trendy Peas to view the wide selection of colors as well as an installation video for the decals.