Nursery Pillows at 2Modern

When it comes to taking a nap, whether you’re a hardworking Mama or a little tot, the level of comfort of our pillow-y friends reigns supreme. A stiff versus soft pillow can mean the difference between a good night’s rest, and spending those rare eight hours burping and bumping your little boy or girl off to dreamland while you bear the brunt of sleeplessness!


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Fortunately, as always, we have a solution. Wipe those dark circles from underneath your eyes with the help of the fun Ferm Living Pillow Collection. These great pillows come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and designs, from Tigers, to Clouds, to even Houses (get all four to complete the neighborhood!). This fabulously fun collection will not only give your little one the comfort they – or rather, you – seek, but does so in style! Each of the Ferm Living pillows is made from 100% organic cotton.

Thomaspaul - Aqua Bunny Linen Pillow : Thomaspaul - Aqua Bunny Linen Pillow-PillowCaseOnly

Feeling a bit more on the artsy side? Try the Thomaspaul collection! Each of these reversible pillows is woven in a heavyweight basket weave, making for great feel, texture, and, of course, comfort. Using the simple, but ever-effective, technique of taking two off-colors and combining them into a picture-perfect juxtaposition of shapes, the Thomaspaul collection will have your child falling asleep while tracing the countless lines of a bunny rabbit, or lost in their imagination of a life at sea.

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Sometimes all we need is a friend. With the help of K Studio, your child’s pillow can also be their soft, squishy playmate! Combining the versatility of a sleeping aide, with the contour and shape of a stuffed animal, bedtime just became, literally, an “on-the-go” experience. Designs range from the favorable house cat, to the man’s (or, little boy’s) best friend, to chipper chirpers! K Studio has developed a line of embroidered soft goods offering many combinations of threads, fabrics, and imagery. Be sure to check out 2Modern today to get more information on pillow selections!