Nursery Decor Idea – Wall Clocks

Babies grow up so fast and before you know it they’re leaving the nest. That’s why it’s important to not lose track of time so that you can spend every treasured moment with your little one. Stop letting time pass you by and purchase a wall clock to keep track of all the cherished seconds that you spend with your kids. Layla Grayce offers an array of darling wall clocks to give your child’s room a splash of charm while allowing the time of day to be easily displayed on the wall.



For your lively little boy there is a wonderful 3D analog Dinosaur Clock that has a big personality and a polite little smile. The playful green dino is made from Baltic birch plywood and offers up non-toxic water based graphics. It has a predrilled hole to easily hang up and will start up with one AA battery.


Rocket Wall Clock



If the dramatic Dinosaur is not what you’re looking for then maybe a space themed clock will suit your décor needs. The Rocket Wall Clock is a great companion to any room as it shows an astronaut making his way into space in a red and white rocket. The wall clock has all the cool features that the Dinosaur clock holds but gives a unique rocket design.



Elephant Orange Wall Clock

Sheep Wall Clock



Would you like a more neutral clock for your child’s room? You must take a look at the Orange Elephant Clock or the cute polka dot sheep clock. Both are analog 3D clocks that have non-toxic backgrounds and a predrilled hole. The Sheep Clock presents a brown and cream polka dot backdrop with a fuzzy sheep right in the middle to offer a cozy feel to the room. The elephant clock has a bold orange elephant that showcases a dash of color against a blue and white polka dot background. Both clocks are a delightful addition and will complement many household furnishings.


If you need a clock with girly appeal then you need to get your hands on the Butterfly Wall Clock. This inviting butterfly will brighten up any room with its collection of colors and happy personality. The clock presents an array of shades that bring out the lighthearted fun-loving nature of the butterfly. It contains all the amenities that the previous wall clocks offer but gives a tailored design to your little girl.

Purchase a precious wall clock today from Layla Grayce and capture the unique personality of your little boy or girl.