Modern Nursery Ideas – Colorful Rugs

Bumper to Bumper Race Car Kids Area Rug - 4 x 6 Bumper to Bumper Rug

Fruit Salad Kids Area Rug - 4 x 6 Fruit Salad Rug

Heart to Heart Kids Area Rug - 4 x 6 Heart to Heart Rug


Bumper to Bumper Rug

Fruit Salad Rug

Heart to Heart Rug


A baby’s nursery can’t have too many cute details and as you probably know by now, every detail counts. Oftentimes considered less important to all the furniture that you need to get for your baby’s room is a rug. In my opinion, it’s a centerpiece of the room that will complement it as a whole. So if you haven’t thought of it yet or haven’t even considered getting one, look at what you might be missing. The Bumper to Bumper Rug is ideal for a baby boy that loves cars. That means this beautiful rug will decorate his cars- themed nursery when he’s a baby, but also will give him a place to play on when he races his cars when he’s older. The Fruit Salad Rug would add charm to a baby girl’s pink nursery and the Heart to Heart Rug will go along well with her teenage years. There are plenty more rugs to explore at The Land of Nod so I invite you to take a look.

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