Modern Baby Nursery Ideas – Wall Stickers

Bird Tree Wall Sticker By Ferm Living



Flutterflies 2 Decals By WallCandy



French Bull City Wall Decals By WallCandy



French Bull Jungle Wall Decals By WallCandy



Wall stickers serve as a great alternative to painted walls. When we were decorating our oldest’s nursery, I didn’t even know things like that existed. As a result, we ended up painting our son’s nursery. Looking back, I find the wall stickers/decals so much easier to work with. One, if you don’t like the stickers after a period of time, then you just simply take them off. It’s not that simple to paint the room a different color. Two, if you’re tired with the way the stickers look in the room, you can easily rearrange them within minutes. This is especially nice if you want to reorganize the furniture within the nursery. You peel the stickers off and put them in a new place on the wall, depending on where you put the other furniture. And three, if you want to change the theme of your baby’s room altogether when your baby is a toddler, again you just take the stickers off and maybe get a completely new set matching a new theme. I would like to suggest some of the wall decals from 2Modern. The town full of cars or the tree, would be a nice backdrop for pretend play. The little zoo animals put above your baby’s crib will make every baby smile, and a bunch of butterflies will make every girl’s room feel magical. Do you like them mama? Go ahead and explore even more options at 2Modern!

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