Modern Baby Nursery Ideas – Night lights


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Babesta has friends to keep the monsters away! These adorable lights, shaped like a bear, giraffe and bunny, are the perfect night lights to make bedtime easier. These friendly and bright little creatures will scare all the goblins away and leave your child sleeping easy with the sweetest of dreams. The bunny is designed after a famous children’s series in Holland about a bunny named Miffy. Read the stories of Miffy to your child, and his or her nighttime light will become even more special! If your child is more mesmerized by the strong yet elegant giraffe, then a little long-necked friend might suit! If gummy bears are your kid’s favorite treats, perhaps the sweet presence of the Jellio light will keep him or her happy! The bear light comes in four colors that will render the room glowing blue, red, pink or purple during the day. It will change into the LED nightlight of good dreams at night! Jellio is also a battery-powered light. Pick up the Miffy, giraffe, or Jellio light at babesta today.