Modern Baby Nursery Ideas – Giggenbach Pillow Covers by EllenGiggenbach + Pillow Giveaway

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Oftentimes we find that pillows serve the simple purpose of giving comfort, but nothing more. Well, what if I were to tell you that there was a pillow cover (more on this in a moment) that would not only invigorate you to view these oft-overlooked pieces of household fabric with the same reverence you might hold for a business suit or dress, but that you could have it right this moment. Introducing the Giggenbach Pillow Covers by EllenGiggenbach, these homemade pillow covers are specially designed to look perfect in any part of the house. Your child’s favorite Tweety Bird pillow faded beyond recognition? Those pillows you got on your wedding starting to look a little drab? The Giggenbach Pillow Cover is perfect for long-lasting, fashion-savvy homes with a penchant for fun. Now, these are just the pillow covers. But us Mamas are nothing if not resourceful—inner filling can be found at just about any home goods store, and at a great price too! Throw a Giggenbach party and invite friends over for a day of stuffing while swapping war stories. Each design is specially crafted by the artist herself, who then digitally prints the finished template onto the pillow for your enjoyment. Be sure to look on the back of each cover, where you will find a manually stitched, chocolate-brown in color message: “Home Sweet Home.” Adorable!



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We loved those charming Giggenbach pillow covers so much that we just had to give one away (the one above), to one of you lucky Mamas! And you will get the pillow case with its inner from us!

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Good luck, everybody!


Congratulations Tracy!