Growth Charts

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Growing up can mean a lot of things: new friends, new neighbors, new school. Sometimes a new house can mean losing those treasured pencil-marked door frames recognizing your little boy or girl’s milestones, whether it’s taking their first steps or the first day of pre-school. Well, fret no more, Mama, because with PetiteLemon’s personalized growth charts, you can take your little bundle of joy’s milestones with you wherever the whole family goes. Printed on thick, premium cotton canvas, you can personalize these wonderfully fun charts with everything from the Ocean’s Inhabitants and Sports Iconography, to Prehistoric friendlies or even Outer Space! All charts come in a range of colors from ‘chocolate’ to ‘midnight blue’ to ‘tickle me pink’. And for Eco-friendly Mamas, good news: you can even have these charts printed out on PetiteLemon’s signature poster paper! With so many choices and options, your little boy or girl is sure to grow a few inches in the interim. Be sure to check out Petite Lemon for more information on available prints, colors, and ordering info.