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Kids Throw Pillows: Boys Dinosaur Throw Pillow - Brontosaurus Dinosaur Throw Pillow


Pillows! Pillows! Pillows! It’s almost Fall, Mama, which means it’s time to mix things up. Kick start your child’s school year with the help of these wonderful pillow selections by The Land of Nod, ranging from the fun, to the cute, to the practical. Stoke the embers of wonder and awe in your child with the help of the Brontosaurus Throw Pillow. This wonderful addition to any part of the house, from nurseries to playrooms, makes for a great dreamland buddy whether its naptime or bedtime. The Brontosaurus Throw Pillow comes in a dreamy blue hue, marked with baby blue spots, with a pillow cover made of 100% cotton, and filled with 100% polyester, so not only will your child fall in love with this prehistoric critter, but you can be assured that they’ll be falling asleep comfortably as well. The best part is that even if you already have the When Dinosaurs Roamed the Bedding set, the Brontosaurus Throw Pillow completes it.


Kids Throw Pillows: Pink Ruched Throw Pillow - Pink Ruched Throw Pillow


But maybe you want something a little more traditional; check out the Ruched Throw Pillows and collect all three colors—pink, purple, and yellow—for endless arrangement possibilities. With their floral textured look and vibrant colors, these decorative throw pillows add a splash of color and tactility to any room they’re in. A ruched round design, with an exterior of 100% cotton, comfort and style just became your middle names.



Kids Pillows: Good Night Throw Pillow - Set 1001 Good Nights Throw Pillow </p> <p>(Includes Cover and Insert)



So we got something for Baby and something for Mama, but how about something for both? With the 1,001 Good Nights Throw Pillow, you’ll be doing yourself and the Little One a favor by choosing a high-end accessory that catches the imagination and ignites a slow-burning sleep. Sporting traditionally embroidered buildings fringed in a maelstrom of color, all at 100% cotton integrity, the best part is that it is also machine-washable, which means the memories borne out of getting the 1,001 Good Nights pillow may very well last as long as its namesake promises. Get the Bedding Set today and find complete solace in complete silence.

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