Funky Little Darlings Little Ben Wall Clock

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Watching the clock can really be a downer for a child, especially in the early stages of pre-school: the stark black and white numbers and background, the monotonous ticking of the second hand, the seeming immobility of the minute hand. Lunch time couldn’t come soon enough, right? Wrong! With the help of the Little Ben Wall Clock by Funky Little Darlings, your little one will not only learn to tell time and numbers, but have fun doing it too! Each wall clock is shaped to resemble that of England’s most iconic emblem, Big Ben, and comes in colors ranging from Fresh Orange, to Hot Pink, or even Cool Blue. The best part is that these clocks can be fitted anywhere! The “Tower” is a large wall sticker that can be placed on any part of the house (or classroom), to which the clock is easily attachable to. No drilling required! Each clock is guaranteed to last over a year, and needs only a single battery to operate. It’s time to pick up your Little Ben Wall Clock today, at Purl Mama! Save 15% with code: bellebebe!