Felt Ball Rug by Happy as Larry

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Is there such a thing as a perfect rug? Well this Felt Ball Rug by Happy as Larry comes pretty darn close! The Smartie Felt Ball Rug is made from 100% New Zealand wool, which are woven into balls, felted, then stitched together to create a soft, durable mat which is perfect for any child’s room. Happy as Larry products are known to last, and the Felt Ball Rug is no different. Care is minimal, and any liquids spilled on the naturally liquid-repellant wool will bead up, making for easy clean-up each and every time. While all the other mothers are out shopping for a new play rug every few months, you’ll be sitting at home glad you invested in something magical! Be sure to check out Purl Mama for more information on shipping rates. Save 15% with code: bellebebe!