Fantabulous Fabric Letters

Kids Wall Decor: Kids Colorful Fabric Wall Letters - Fabric Letter a


Alphabet letters are a big hit among moms who love to decorate their baby’s nursery. There are a lot of decorative wall letters on the market nowadays, but these Fantabulous Fabric Letters are a cut above the rest. The beautiful dot and stripe fabrics are one thing that makes these letters stand out. The available colors to choose from are pink, purple, green, blue and orange. Each color comes in many different shades so you can match them up with your  baby’s room decor accordingly. Go ahead and spell your baby’s name, or just hang the whole alphabet around the room so your baby can practice the letters each day. And there you go – you have a little Einstein in making! A lovely and educational decor idea indeed! Go to Shop at The Land of Nod for more information and have fun decorating!