Easter Party Decor

 - Easter Garland Kit

Easter Party Decor

 - Easter Bunny Ears (Set of 8)

Easter Bunny Ears

 - Easter Party Cups (Set of 12)

Easter Party Cups

 - Easter Large Plates (Set of 8)

Easter Large Plates

 - Easter Cupcake Kit (Set of 24)

Easter Cupcake Kit

 - Easter Egg Decorating Kit (Set of 6)

Easter Egg Decorating Kit

 - Easter Pinwheel Decorations (Set of 6)

Easter Pinwheel Decoration

 - Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Easter Egg Hunt Kit


It’s party time! I’m excited every year to see Easter decor collection from The Land of Nod. You can check their Easter party decor from last year here. This year you can make your kids Easter memorable by inviting some of their friends for an egg hunt for example. With the latest Easter Party Decor collection from The Land of Nod, you’re going to have everything covered from eating accessories to decorations and more. Easter Egg Hunt Kit will be there ready for the kids to enjoy. You could even throw an egg decorating party as the Land of Nod offers the Easter Egg Decorating Kit too. All the essentials are extremely adorable. The kids will have lots of fun for sure!

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