Diaper Caddy



Don’t us moms always need more and more bins, containers, organizers to store all the stuff that come along with having a baby? The answer would, in most cases, be yes! This versatile Diaper Caddy – Storage Bin Basket Container Organizer – Ele Grey Storm and White Fabric will help you keep the nursery put together and at the same time will serve as a gorgeous decoration to your baby’s room. It is specifically designed in a way to store up to 30 diapers on one side and wipes and other essentials on the other. When you go to TheStorageLoft store, you will notice other designs of this beautiful caddy –  from round to rectangular, you name it. You can also choose from an array of other fabrics , or maybe if you have a fabric on hand that would complement your baby’s nursery in a perfect way, then it can also be used in making this diaper caddy. Check out the store for more information.