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One of my happiest memories as child was of the mobiles my parents would often hang above my younger siblings’ cribs. I remember images of airplanes, trucks, planets and stars. But perhaps what has stayed with me the most have been the animals, and the way the nightlight would play off the cut-out shapes, splashing shadows of these mythical creatures around the room. Share your similar experiences with your little boy or girl, tonight!

Complete the forest theme of your little loved ones’ dreams, with the Deer Fox Bunny mobile by Trendy Peas! 22 inches in length and sporting an acrylic finish, this wonderful dream of a decoration is the perfect tool for adding that “something” that every room seems to be missing. Slide the animals up or down to create new and wonderful layouts. Want something a little more consistent? Get the Stacked Owls mobile instead! Turn the mythical forest into a cheerful, nature-friendly hideaway with these cute acrylic owl figures. The real kicker is that you don’t have to simply get one or the other – purchase both to go above and beyond as Mama of the year! Use the opportunity to teach your little boy or girl about nature or to tell them stories, with flair! Be sure to visit Trendy Peas for more information!