“Critter Coture Caps by Baby Aspen” Knit Beaded Plush Toy and Knit Cap for Baby


The majority of body heat escapes through the head, especially during the chill weather of winter. Infants in particular are at danger, with their developing bodies sensitive to changes in temperature and prone to illness at a higher rate than grown children. With “Critter Coture Caps by Baby Aspen” Knit Beaded Plush Toy and Knit Cap for Baby, a mother’s worries concerning these matters can be satisfied. Its poly-cotton knit blend ensures your Little One’s head is kept nice and toasty during the cold months, while the matching bee plush toy wins the baby’s heart and attention. The predominant colors of the hat are grey and yellow, with two pom-poms at the top in mock “antennas”. An added bonus is the fact that this gift is gender neutral, making it a perfect gift for your expecting friends and relatives. Truly a “bee-utiful” treasure for any baby’s couture collection! The size is 0-6 months. Hat is machine-washable, while the bee plush is surface-washable. For more information, contact Corner Stork Baby Gifts.