The Land of Nod Crib Bedding



Baby Bedding: Grey Blue Whale Crib Bedding - Blue Whale Crib Quilt

Baby Bedding: Marine Life Octopus Crib Bedding - Marine Queen Crib Quilt

Baby Bedding: Grey Pink Bunny Crib Bedding - Pink Stripe Crib Quilt



‘Ah’ – the sensation of cool, soft sheets, immediately unburdening the stresses of the day from our tired feet and legs. Now imagine your newborn child, discovering the mysteries of their huge world, working little feet and arms in ways we could never imagine! When you lay them down for the night, how do you know they’re getting optimal comfort, and rest, to renew their explorations the next day? Well, wonder no more! With the help of The Land of Nod crib bedding, you can be sure your little one never makes it past six sheep before falling into dreams as colorful and creative as these lusciously designed sheets and blankets.

Sail the seven seas with the help of The Land of Nod’s marine-based collection. The ‘Make a Splash’ set is perfect for those little boys or girls who want to explore the mythical wonders of the open ocean – with the help of their friendly neighborhood whales, of course! Sporting a more modern look with its juxtaposition of navy blue, or gray, stripes against a white background, the ‘Make a Splash’ set is perfect for a more contemporary look. Alternatively, you may want to treat your little treasure to some royalty and swath them in the ‘Marine Queen’ bedding set. Live the experience of Jules Verne’s classic novel with embroidered patterns of giant octopi, seahorse, eel, and starfish, turning the crib into a “life-size” aquarium. The ‘Marine Queen’, unlike the other sets, is also lined with gold lurex embroidery, giving the bedding a shimmer you won’t find with the others.

For all those little ones who just can’t sit still, we have the ‘Hop to It’ bedding set. Similar to the ‘Make a Splash’ style, ‘Hop to It’ features a modern look with bold striping set against a white background. Trading out those navy blue tones for pink, and whales for bunny rabbits, this charming design is sure to have your little ones jumping (er, crawling) into bed before you have even opened your choice book for story time!

Each set is made of 100% cotton percale, voile, or polyester, each at a blissful thread count of 200. The best part is that many of the sets come with reversible crib skirts and quilts, making for a dynamic look and feel, and perfect for any bedroom. Check out The Land of Nod for more information on these fabulous crib bedding!