Olli Ella Crib Set – Piccoli

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When it comes to finding the perfect crib bedding, sometimes we just can’t wait to find out whether it’s a boy or girl – we want to start buying everything now! Well, with the Olli Ella Crib Set by Piccoli, your worries about whether to adorn your newborn’s room with Periwinkle Blue or Pink Rose have just been dashed. The Olli Ella Crib Set comes with neutral patterns of Musk and Twinkle Yellow, sending your little one off to dreamland in a stylish dance with the images of moons and stars stitched right into their new favorite bedding. The set includes a reversible quilt doubling as a play blanket; a Moona fitted sheet, made of 100% organic cotton for optimal comfort and softness; and a half crib bumper, so not only will your angel be sleeping comfortably, but in style too! Be sure to check out Purl Mama today and save 15% with code: bellebebe!