Modern Baby Bedding Ideas

Savanna Crib Bedding - Savanna Animal Baby Quilt

Deep Space Crib Bedding - Deep Space Baby Quilt

 - Candy Stripe Baby Bedding

Fly Away Crib Bedding - Fly Away Baby Quilt



Savanna Crib Bedding

Deep Space Crib Bedding

Candy Stripe Baby Bedding

Fly Away Crib Bedding


The Land of Nod did it again. Their new crib bedding collection is beyond amazing yet again! I love how easy it is to find crib bedding that suits your baby’s nursery theme at their stores. Throughout the years, they keep on adding new motifs, some more popular, like the butterflies, others less so, like the space one. But there are always lots of classics as well, such as the animal motif. And I love how they experiment with different designs and colors. The Candy Stripe Baby Bedding is an example of just that. Which bedding is your favorite?

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