DwellStudio Skyline Light Blue Play Blanket


Normally doctors advise parents not to have any blankets in the cribs for the first year or two of a baby’s life. However, this wonderful blanket DwellStudio Skyline Light Blue Play Blanket can be used for multiple things besides that. When your baby is first having tummy time, this blanket can serve as a soft starting point for them. When they begin to crawl for the first time, it can serve as a cover for the floor to prevent them from getting dirty. And when they are finally old enough, this artistic, and colorful blanket can be used in either their crib, or their toddler bed. It’s soft, reversible, and quite a sight to behold, as your little one will look at it and see buildings, skyscrapers, and much more! For additional patterns, visit My Urban Child, make sure you enter BELLEBEBE in order to receive your 5% discount.